Usman Khawadja kicks off the new year with 100 at SCG

Usman Khawadja kicks off the new year with 100 at SCG

until today, Usman Khawaja Only one member of Australia’s top five didn’t top 100 this season.It is perhaps not surprising that he set the record straight at SCG.
From a year ago until today, Kawaja has been here. back to test cricket Against England, mostly by accident travis head Covid excluded. If that opportunity hadn’t presented itself, it would be one of the great “what ifs” for this current team.

Khawaja memorably performed a twin handling in that match. He finished his 2022 with 1080 runs he finished at 67.50. This included lean finishes in his first two Tests against South Africa. Now he’s started 2023 in style. He is one of the great comebacks of his recent cricket story.

When Khawaja hit two runs in 76 overs, he became the fourth batsman to score three consecutive 100s for the SCG. wally hammond, Doug Walters When Plumber LuxmanBy the end of the day, when he sat unbeaten at 195, when the rain was pouring down again, he was averaging 130.83 at the venue.

“When we played against him here in 2016 and again in South Africa in 2018, you can see him playing around the wicket. He has a lot of faith in his defense. “He has a really good hand. He’s worked really hard. He’s a different player than Spin four years ago.”

Keshab Maharaj upon Usman Khawaja

There’s been a lot of talk about how long this Australian test team will be together, and there’s some speculation that the seven months that could define an era ahead could be the last time for this group. turned 36 a few weeks ago. He is the same age as his first partner and best friend. David Warnerleading to migration questions.

“I’m going to enjoy the next 12 months and enjoy them as much as I can,” Warner said. fox cricket Playing on the first day. “It’s important to us that we don’t leave a big hole in this team. Through a five-year transition period that has seen many great players leave, they are a big hole to fill with the amount of games you play. I know that

“We always talk about the games we’ve played and what it means for our team’s performance and experience. We can’t fill that void.”

somehow Warner’s MCG Double Century Beyond touring abroad in India and England reinvigorated his testing career. previously hinted at Testing comes first, but as a single-format player, there seems to be no reason why Kawaja can’t push towards 40 if hunger remains.
“At the moment he’s at his best, scoring on his terms and batting well, so I think he’s pretty comfortable at the moment and playing really well.” Stephen Smith Said. “Like Davey, I think they can play as long as they want and hang up when they want.”
The West Indies series was an interesting one for Kawaja. He reached his 2nd degree 60s and seemed to have more potential, but fell to moderate pace- Kyle Mayers Perth and Devon Thomas, was the reserve wicketkeeper for Adelaide. Against South Africa, Kawaja was squared off to his 1-1 peach. Anrich Norce in the first inning in Gabba Before carving to a point with a small chase.So at MCG he gnawed outside Kagiso Rabada before seeing much of the rest of the batting break down South Africa’s offense.
Khawaja regained control again in this innings.he was given a lbw reverse sweep Simon Hamer It was 25, but DRS showed a grab. The off-spinner caused some unsettling moments on the pitch and provided the occasional assist, but Kawaja was mostly calm.
with Hamer facing Keshab Maharaj, there were many elements in Kawaja’s batting that was on display in Pakistan as he scored 496 runs in three Tests. He recorded his strike rate of 87.30 against the struggling Maharajji. Maharaj felt a different player than the one he last faced in 2018.

“He’s clearly back and worked really hard,” Maharaj said. “When we played against him here in 2016 and again in South Africa in 2018, you can see him playing around the wickets. He trusts his defense very much. He’s got a really good hand.He’s worked really hard.He’s a different player than Spin four years ago.”

“I think he’s very happy with the way he’s playing,” he said. “He has every scoring option. If you set up the field a certain way, he’ll play a certain way to get boundaries, force someone to be there, play a different way.” can force someone to be there.

“He has a horizontal bat shot that is very effective against spin. There was no.”

Khawaja has started 2023 following last year. Whether he can continue to replicate the type of returns he has earned over the past 12 months can have a significant impact on the success the tester enjoys.

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