‘Speechless’: NFL Playoff Madness, Former No. 1 Pick Overcomes Disaster to Make 3rd Biggest Comeback in History

‘Speechless’: NFL Playoff Madness, Former No. 1 Pick Overcomes Disaster to Make 3rd Biggest Comeback in History

Jacksonville pulled off the third-biggest comeback in NFL playoff history, overcoming a 27-0 deficit from Trevor Lawrence and four first-half interceptions to swoon the Los Angeles Chargers in the AFC Wildcard round.

After being the worst team in the NFL last year, the Jaguars picked Lawrence at quarterback in his second year to win the AFC South Division.

His playoff debut started horribly with four picks in less than half a football, setting the Chargers up for a cruise to the divisional round.

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But Lawrence pulled it together, eventually becoming just the second player in history to score four touchdowns and four interceptions in a playoff game (Ben Roethlisberger, 2020 Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland).

After getting the ball back to 20-30 with 8:47 left, the Jaguars got bold.

They took advantage of the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Joey Bosa to allow them to score two from the 1-yard line. Lawrence jumped over the goal line to make it 30-28 with 5:25 remaining.

They then marched down the field after forcing a punt, facing goals for fourth and first at the Chargers’ 41-yard line. It was a little too far for the field goal.

After lining up three backs behind Lawrence, it was suggested that a formation with many linemen would run up the middle.

Then in a rushed play to make the clock bleed, Riley Patterson scored a 36-yard field goal to win the game – and he hit it.

In the process, the Jaguars made the third-greatest comeback in NFL playoff history, trailing only the 1993 Bills-Oilers (the Bills went 32 down) and the 2014 Colts-Chiefs (the Colts went 28 down), both of whom were 3-0. Made in the AFC Wildcard Round.

Meanwhile, the Chargers became the first team to lose a playoff game with a turnover margin of +5.

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This was a triumph of analysis — ironically, given that Chargers coach Brandon Staley was previously criticized for being “too focused on analysis,” he went the wrong way. I was there.

The Chargers settled for fourth and third field goals late in the game and missed them, but Pederson and the Jaguars scored two and scored on a tight fourth downcall.

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