Thierry Neuville has taken victory forward of Toyota’s Sebastien Ogier in an exhilarating finish to the 2020 International Rally Championship season-opening Monte Carlo Rally.

Neuville was once in imperious shape on Sunday, successful each phases within the first loop, and he maintained that as he gained the 18.41km Los angeles Bollene Vesubie – Peira Cava take a look at, 1.Four 2d forward of Toyota debutant Ogier.

It gave the impression of Ogier was once going to win the Wolf Energy Degree, however Neuville matched Ogier’s time to take the level win by way of a couple of hundredths of a 2d, that means the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC driving force gained all 4 phases of the day and his first WRC Monte Carlo Rally.

Elfyn Evans began the overall loop of the day in 2d position, and clung directly to that place after SS15.

However the Yaris driving force dropped to 11.1s in the back of Neuville, and simplest had a 1.5s merit over his team-mate Ogier going into the overall level of the rally.

He then misplaced an additional 3.2s to his team-mate within the ultimate run via Los angeles Cabanette- Co De Braus that means he completed 3rd total, 1.7s in the back of Ogier.

Esapekka Lappi had every other robust run on the second one loop in his M-Game Fiesta WRC, completing fourth quickest within the 13.36km Los angeles Cabanette – Col De Braus level, and secured fourth total, whilst Sebastien Loeb struggled once more within the ultimate loop.

The Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC driving force was once having to preserve his tyres significantly greater than any person else after “totally” destroying a tyre within the ultimate level of the primary loop.

The seven-time WRC Monte Carlo Rally winner was once so gradual that he misplaced 49.1 seconds to Lappi on SS15 and was once every other 49 seconds slower than the M-Game Fiesta WRC within the energy level.

That supposed that Toyota driving force Kalle Rovanpera was once in a position to leap-frog Loeb to safe 5th position within the rally.

Takamoto Katsuta had a blank run in the second one loop and completed 7th, whilst M-Game driving force Teemu Suninen had an outstanding run within the ultimate run via Los angeles Cabanette – Col De Braus to leap as much as 8th.

Citroen C3 driving force Eric Camilli secured victory within the WRC3 elegance and ended up 9th, 11.8s in the back of the Fiesta WRC of Suninen.

Mads Ostberg celebrated his WRC2 victory by way of doing a doughnut on the ultimate hairpin of the 13.36km Energy Degree, as he rounded out the highest ten.

PosMagnificenceDriving forceGroupAutomotiveTimeHoleLaps
1RC1Thierry Neuville, N.GilsoulHyundai Shell Mobis WRTHyundai3h10m57.6s0
2RC1Sebastien Ogier, J.IngrassiaToyota Gazoo Racing WRTToyota3h11m10.2s12.6s0
3RC1Elfyn Evans, S.MartinToyota Gazoo Racing WRTToyota3h11m11.9s14.3s0
4RC1Esapekka Lappi, J.FermM-Game Ford WRTFord3h14m06.6s3m09.0s0
5RC1Kalle Rovanpera, J.HalttunenToyota Gazoo Racing WRTToyota3h15m14.8s4m17.2s0
6RC1Sebastien Loeb, D.ElenaHyundai Shell Mobis WRTHyundai3h16m02.3s5m04.7s0
7RC1Takamoto Katsuta, D.BarrittToyota Gazoo Racing WRTToyota3h22m25.5s11m27.9s0
8RC1Teemu Suninen, J.LehtinenM-Game Ford WRTFord3h24m28.0s13m30.4s0
9RC2Eric Camilli, F-X.BuresiEric CamilliCitroen3h24m39.8s13m42.2s0
10RC2Mads Ostberg, T.EriksenPH GameCitroen3h25m19.4s14m21.8s0
11RC2Nicolas Ciamin, Y.RocheNicolas CiaminCitroen3h26m13.6s15m16.0s0
12RC2Yoann Bonato, B.BoulloudYoann BonatoCitroen3h26m43.6s15m46.0s0
13RC2Yohan Rossel, B.FulcrandPH GameCitroen3h27m17.8s16m20.2s0
14RC2Gregoire Munster, L.LoukaGregoire MunsterSkoda3h27m59.6s17m02.0s0
15RC2Adrien Fourmaux, R.JamoulM-Game Ford WRTFord3h28m50.8s17m53.2s0
16RC2Nikolay Gryazin, Y.FedorovHyundai Motorsport NHyundai3h31m05.0s20m07.4s0
17RC1Deividas Jocius, M.VarzaM-Game Ford WRTFord3h35m17.5s24m19.9s0
18RC2Olivier Burri, A.LevrattiOlivier BurriVolkswagen3h38m10.9s27m13.3s0
19RC2Rhys Yates, J.MorganM-Game Ford WRTFord3h38m22.4s27m24.8s0
20RC2Mauro Miele, L.BeltrameMauro MieleSkoda3h40m56.6s29m59.0s0
21RC2Raphael Astier, F.VauclareRaphael AstierFIAT3h42m27.8s31m30.2s0
22RC2Alessandro Gino, D.FappaniAlessandro GinoSkoda3h48m22.6s37m25.0s0
23RC2Nicolas Latil, R.RocheNicolas LatilVolkswagen3h49m07.3s38m09.7s0
24RC2Christophe Ganguet, E.FrisonChristophe GanguetFord3h49m32.2s38m34.6s0
25RC2Oliver Solberg, A.JohnstonOliver SolbergVolkswagen3h49m46.6s38m49.0s0
26RC2Eamonn Boland, M.J.MorrisseyEamonn BolandFord3h49m55.7s38m58.1s0
27RC4Sean Johnston, A.KihuraniSean JohnstonPeugeot3h51m23.9s40m26.3s0
28RC4Renaud Dolce, Q.GiroudRenaud DolcePeugeot3h55m13.9s44m16.3s0
29RC2Bertrand Pierrat, A.ChevalierBertrand PierratVolkswagen3h56m22.9s45m25.3s0
30RC3Jeremy Caradec, C.AmorosJeremy CaradecRenault3h56m54.5s45m56.9s0
31RC3Ismael Vuistiner, F.KummerIsmael VuistinerRenault3h57m23.6s46m26.0s0
32RC3Boris Carminati, M.LacruzBoris CarminatiRenault4h01m23.1s50m25.5s0
33RC4Victor Cartier, M.MargaillanVictor CartierFord4h02m07.1s51m09.5s0
34RC2Fabrizio Arengi Bentivoglio, M.BosiFabrizio Arengi BentivoglioSkoda4h02m41.4s51m43.8s0
35RC4Tony Ribaudo, J.DegrangeTony RibaudoPeugeot4h05m28.2s54m30.6s0
36RC2Henk Vossen, E.BerkhofHenk VossenFord4h05m39.7s54m42.1s0
37RC5Mickael Boisseranc, C.C.-RollandMickael BoisserancFord4h07m49.2s56m51.6s0
38RC2Enrico Brazzoli, M.BaroneEnrico BrazzoliSkoda4h08m19.5s57m21.9s0
39RC2Ermanno Dionisio, F.GrimaldiErmanno DionisioDacia4h08m47.2s57m49.6s0
40RC4Nikos Pavlidis, A.HarrymanNikolaos PavlidisPeugeot4h08m53.7s57m56.1s0
41RC4Thibault Lefebvre, P.BarbierThibault LefebvrePeugeot4h11m26.6s1h00m29.0s0
42RC4Remy Rota, J.EscartefigueRemy RotaPeugeot4h11m33.4s1h00m35.8s0
43RC3Lilian Vialle, M.GhirardelloLilian VialleRenault4h11m51.4s1h00m53.8s0
44RC4Laure Jaussaud, J.T.-EscartefigueLaure JaussaudRenault4h12m11.2s1h01m13.6s0
45RC4Alessandro Prosdocimo, M.L.ZanetAlessandro ProsdocimoPeugeot4h12m26.4s1h01m28.8s0
46RC5Christopher Garcin, F.NicoulauChristopher GarcinFord4h12m53.6s1h01m56.0s0
47RC4Pascal Eouzan, P.EouzanPascal EouzanPeugeot4h13m44.8s1h02m47.2s0
48RC4Zoltan Laszlo, T.BegalaMartin LaszloFord4h13m44.9s1h02m47.3s0
49RC5Richard Desbordes, S.DesbordesRichard DesbordesCitroen4h14m05.9s1h03m08.3s0
50RC4Jean-Pierre Gatti, R.BellevilleJean-Pierre GattiPeugeot4h14m21.7s1h03m24.1s0
51RC4Michel Ducreux, A.RaoultMichel DucreuxPeugeot4h15m58.0s1h05m00.4s0
52RC2Miguel Diaz-Aboitiz, D.SanjuanMiguel Diaz-AboitizSkoda4h16m20.0s1h05m22.4s0
53RC4Gilles Michellier, C.RichardGilles MichellierPeugeot4h17m24.5s1h06m26.9s0
54RC4Carlo Covi, M.LorigiolaCarlo CoviFord4h17m27.8s1h06m30.2s0
55RC3Martin Lemaire, P.BarboniMartin LemaireCitroen4h18m03.9s1h07m06.3s0
56RC5Benjamin Duhamel, S.SzysDuhamel BenjaminRenault4h20m56.0s1h09m58.4s0
57RC5Baptiste Martin, J.TroinBaptiste MartinRenault4h23m03.6s1h12m06.0s0
58RC5Christophe Berard, C.BernaboChristophe BerardFord4h35m39.3s1h24m41.7s0
59RGTLuc Caprasse, R.HermanLuc CaprasseAbarth4h35m42.5s1h24m44.9s0
60RC3Eric Filippi, F.MazottiEric FilippiRenault4h35m47.4s1h24m49.8s0
61RC3Rachele Somaschini, C.LombardiRachele SomaschiniCitroen4h36m32.7s1h25m35.1s0
62RC3Domenico Ramoino, B.BanaudiDomenico RamoinoRenault4h37m38.6s1h26m41.0s0
63RC1Gus Greensmith, E.EdmondsonM-Game Ford WRTFord4h38m15.1s1h27m17.5s0
64RC5Alain Cusimano, E.MassinAlain CusimanoRenault4h42m32.8s1h31m35.2s0
65RC5Thierry Lartillier, C.LemoineThierry LartillierRenault4h44m07.5s1h33m09.9s0
66RC4Marc Dessi, P.DessiMarc DessiPeugeot4h46m00.2s1h35m02.6s0
67RC2Umberto Scandola, G.D’AmoreUmberto ScandolaHyundai4h48m19.9s1h37m22.3s0
68RC2Franck Sias, O.MathiasFranck SiasSkoda4h50m58.8s1h40m01.2s0
69RC4Julien Cartagena, A.AuberyJulien CartagenaPeugeot4h51m30.0s1h40m32.4s0
70RC5Jean-Marc Jerusalmi, G.LuthenJean-Marc JerusalmiRenault4h52m02.4s1h41m04.8s0
71RC2Paulo Nobre, G.MoralesPaulo NobreSkoda4h54m40.7s1h43m43.1s0
72RC3Gregory Dizier, S.DizierGregory DizierRenault5h03m38.8s1h52m41.2s0
73RC5Ronald Villy, J.VillyRonald VillyCitroen5h28m09.7s2h17m12.1s0
PosDriving forceIssues
1Thierry Neuville30
2Sebastien Ogier22
3Elfyn Evans17
4Esapekka Lappi13
5Kalle Rovanpera10
6Sebastien Loeb8
7Teemu Suninen7
8Takamoto Katsuta6
9Eric Camilli2
10Mads Ostberg1

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