The yearly Satan’s Burdens Hill Relay happened from Falkland Property.

The at all times fashionable match attracted 150 groups from everywhere the rustic. writes Shane Fenton. Groups include six runners with two working solo legs and pairs working the opposite legs. Each Falkland Path Runners and Glenrothes Triathlon Membership have been represented with 4 and two groups respectively. The most efficient efficiency got here from the FTR blended group who completed 3rd of their class.

Effects have been: 43rd & 3rd blended group – (Blended Nuts) Louise Lessells, Dave Clark, Arran Lowden, Ruth Sharp, Hailey Marshall and Chris Russell.four hours 22 mins 05 seconds.

93rd -(FTR Vixens) Zoey Johnston, Susie Harley, Susanne Lumsden, Laura Henderson, Karen Bayne and Lizzie Martin. 5h 06m 24s.

99th- (FTR IT Band) Lee Cessford, Kevin Funnell, Robert Leggett, Russ Valentine, Martin Kirkbride and Gordon Coull. 5h 13m 04s.

108th- (GTC Death to TRI) Lee Kinnell, Keith Breckinridge, Matt Bowen, Nicola Philp, Wendi Duncan and Ian Goldie. 5h 24m 38s.

118th- (GTC TRI’ing until we Drop) Karen Forsyth, Barry Davie, Andy Milne, Mairi McRobbie, Andrea Gellan and Lee Kinnell. 5h 37m 05s.

134th- (FTR Headless Chickens) David Pease, Andy Cameron,Tony Gallagher, Graeme Braid, Eric Nachman and Andy Harley. 5h 55m 02s.

The full profitable group at the day have been Carnethy HRC.

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