12.46pm BST12:46

12.43pm BST12:43

12.42pm BST12:42

12.40pm BST12:40

12.38pm BST12:38

GOAL! Norwich Town 1-1 Chelsea (Cantwell 6)

12.37pm BST12:37

12.36pm BST12:36

GOAL! Norwich 0-1 Chelsea (Abraham 3)

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at 12.46pm BST

12.35pm BST12:35

12.34pm BST12:34

12.32pm BST12:32

Norwich Town v Chelsea is pass!!!

12.28pm BST12:28

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at 12.31pm BST

12.26pm BST12:26

12.17pm BST12:17

12.12pm BST12:12

11.51am BST11:51

11.35am BST11:35

Norwich v Chelsea line-ups

11.33am BST11:33

10.40am BST10:40

Premier League: Norwich Town v Chelsea

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