“In addition to match-fixing, numerous tanking is going on as a result of individuals are drained, or they’ve were given planes to catch,” Rubin says. “Individuals are like ‘they should be getting cash for this’, however ceaselessly they simply don’t need to be available in the market.”

Rubin we could out a sigh, and continues: “All of it provides up, the loneliness, the failure – you’re feeling like a failure continuously. There are some actual issues on excursion, numerous other folks take time without work. Despair is prevalent, there may be quite a lot of alcohol and substance abuse as a result of that’s simply how other folks care for tennis.”

At the despair level, a Telegraph investigation final 12 months published how fashionable psychological well being demanding situations are within the recreation. This 12 months’s French Open champion Ashleigh Barty took a longer spoil in 2014 because of emotional exhaustion. 

Alcohol and substance abuse has been much less reported on in tennis, however Rubin insists this is a actual factor. “It’s now not but within the public area,” he says. “I don’t know if other folks realise alcohol abuse in tennis is a factor. 

“I do know numerous avid gamers who to manage and to get able for the following week spend 12 hours consuming. I don’t drink myself, I by no means have.”

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