NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl 2023 Predictions: Post NFL Experts’ Picks

NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl 2023 Predictions: Post NFL Experts’ Picks

Before this wild and wacky NFL season, the infamous Selby Crystal ball that presaged a Super Bowl matchup between the Bills and 49ers was removed in time for the playoffs.

Of course, a lot has changed for both teams: Trey Lance (ankle) lost in Week 2, Jimmy Garoppolo (foot) lost in Week 13, and the football world introduced Mr. Irrelevant, Brock Purdy. it was done.

The bill endured an emotional roller coaster that bordered on tragedy. Uplifting, moving, heartwarming tale of Dumar HamlinHe was surprisingly released from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center on Monday, a week after suffering a cardiac arrest in a tackle with Bengals’ Tee Higgins.

can you invoice become the team of destiny Will you win your first Super Bowl in five tries? Can Purdy become America’s Mr. Related? Will Tom Brady get his eighth ring? Patrick Mahomes? Can you get a second win? Will Joe Burrow smoke a cigar after the match?

In Serby Crystal Ball, everything is clearly focused.

Super Wildcard Weekend


49ers Seahawks

Meet Jeno Smith, Nick Bosa. Meet Kenneth Walker III, Fred Warner. America, meet young Mr Purdy. Won’t melt under blazing playoff lightsIn two losses to the Niners, the Seahawks scored one offensive touchdown. And the Niners rushed for 189 yards (without Christian McCaffrey) and 170 yards.

49ers 31, Seahawks 17

Full Bracket of the 2023 NFL Playoffs.
Full Bracket of the 2023 NFL Playoffs.
NY Post illustration
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, 13, runs the ball
Brock Purdy doesn’t wilt in the bright lights of the NFL playoffs.

jaguar charger

The Golden Boys matchup at quarterback, Justin Herbert vs. Trevor Lawrence. Brandon Staley may have dodged the bullet as he chose to pick more Tom Coughlin over Brian Dabor in the regular season finale and WR Mike Williams (back) should have done better. Herbert has played Williams (ankle) and Keenan Allen (hamstring) together in just four games from start to finish. If Joey Bosa (in the groin) is okay with teaming with Khalil Mack, Bolt could enjoy a pass rushing edge more than The Other’s Josh Allen and rookie Travon Walker. Forever Trevor needs Travis Etienne to counter the 28th-ranked Ran Defense.

Chargers 27, Jaguars 24


Dolphins at Bill’s

The Tua Tagovailoa Dolphins were toe-and-snow against the Bills, who suffered a 32-29 loss in the final two seconds on December 17. Tua’s latest concussion woes. Tua cleared? If not, expect Teddy Bridgewater (pinky) in place of Skylar Thompson for her rookie girlfriend. The long-range forecast is for clear skies (28 degrees) and winds of 8 mph, allowing Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle to dine. But Josh Allen threw 4 TDs last time and he ran for 77 yards.

Win one for Damar.

Bills 33, Dolphins 17

viking giant

Daniel Jones faces the league’s 31st-ranked pass defense with confidence. Saquon Barkley rests and prepares for the 20th place rush defense. Brian Daboll and Wink Martindale are dangerous to opponents the second time he encounters them (see Commanders). Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams included Dalvin Cook, Wink won’t let Justin Jefferson (12-133-1 TD) and He TJ Hockenson (13-109-2 TD) destroy the game. Xavier McKinney is back (and Adley Jackson?). This time, Graham Gano walks away instead of Greg Joseph.

Giants 27, Vikings 24

Bengals Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals' Ja'Marr Chase #1 rejoices after scoring a touchdown
An air game between Ja’Marr Chase and the Bengals is heading into a cage match against the Ravens.
Getty Images

When Lamar Jackson is quarterback, their mantra “play like a raven” is much easier. he hasn’t practiced for 5 weeks (PCL). Barrow didn’t have Higgins in their early-season loss to Baltimore. He now has him with Ja’Marr Chase. The defending AFC champion is on his eight-game winning streak. Passing for the Ravens his game never recovered from his Brown deal in Hollywood. The red zone was their dead zone. With quarterbacks Tyler Huntley and Anthony Brown, everyone sings “Who Dey?” A rusty Lamar return and MLB Rocan Smith crippling Joe Mixon, Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters dominating Chase and Higgins, and JK Dobbins doing well in a vicious chippy steel cage match. Guess the maniac defense led by Mark Andrews.

Ravens 24, Bengals 21


buccaneers cowboys

Brady (who has seven rings) is 7-0 against the Cowboys. Dak Prescott intercepted seven straight games. Ezekiel Elliot hasn’t been eating much lately.Micah Parsons and DeMarcus Lawrence be a problem, but Brady gets the ball out quick to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin against rookie corner Daron Brando. Playoff Lenny Fournette could find success against the No. 22 rushing defense, and if center Ryan Jensen (knee) can come back, that could be a huge lift.Brady vs. Dan Quinn … The Falcons HC in Super Bowl 51 blew that 28-3 lead to GOAT, FWIW.

Bucks 24, Cowboys 21

    Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons, 11, celebrates firing
Micah Parson and the Cowboys are too much for Tom Brady & Co. to handle.

division round


Ravens at Chiefs

Lamar had 107 yards and 2 TDs in a 36-35 victory over Baltimore in early 2021, defeating Mahomes for the first time with four tries. Steve Spagnuolo and Chris Jones will never let that happen again. Magic Mahomes no longer has Tyreek Hill, it doesn’t matter. While Jerick McKinnon and Isaiah Pacheco give Andy Reed more balance, and rookie safety Kyle Hamilton owns the size and range, Travis Kelce will be too familiar with him. Kadarius Tony: 1 TD, 1 hamstring tweak.

Chiefs 34, Ravens 17

bills charger

The long-range forecast calls for light snow on January 21st and snow on January 22nd. Austin Ekeler should be a weapon in the passing game against a Rank 5 rushing defense (104.6 yards). Allen, Devin Singletary and James Cook lead his 150-yard charge. He wins one more for Damar.

Bill 33, Charger 21

Buffalo Bills' Devin Singletary #26 Runs the Ball
Devin Singletary and Bills run through Chargers.
Getty Images


eagles giants

Beating 3 rivals in one season is not easy.

Davis Webb lobbied for this to start, citing his chemistry with Kenny Golladay, and Dabor told the media he would sit down with GM Joe Shane. discuss everything on friday Night (eye roll). Regardless, even with Barkley catching his eight passes and gaining 130 total yards, a healthy Jalen his hearts and top-ranked passes his defense is truly his No. 1 receiver. It proves too much.

Eagles 27 Giants 17

49ers Bucks:

Brady vs. his boyhood team. Brady vs Purdy. What was Brady’s last game as a back before going to the Raiders? What was Brady’s last game before going to the Foxes? Purdy has George Kittle. Brady doesn’t have him Gronk. Purdy has Kyle Shanahan. Brady doesn’t. Demeko Lyons has the second-best rushing defense (77.7 yards).

49ers 31, Bucks 17

NFC Championship

Eagles 49ers

Garoppolo defeated the Eagles 17-11 at the rink early in 2021. Will Purdy blink? Cornerbacks Darius Slay and James Bradbury are no slouch. But if there’s a team built to win physical battles away, it’s these 49ers. Hearts will have some success against the Niner secondary, which will target AJ Brown, Devonta Smith and Dallas Goudart, but Warner, Dre He will greenlow, Aric Armstead will have Miles He overwhelm Sanders, Nick he makes Siriani his one dimension.

49ers 27, Eagles 24

AFC Championship

bills vs chiefs

The next Allen Mahomes dream showdown. Spooky surroundings at a neutral site — The halfway point between Buffalo and Kansas City is Indianapolis for reference. Gabe Davis will not catch four TD passes against the Chiefs this time around, but Stephon Diggs will couple up against a group of young, inexperienced cornerbacks, including No. 1 draft pick Trent McDuffie. The last person with the ball wins. Allen is the last person with the ball.

Let’s win one more for Damar.

Bills 33, Chiefs 30

Josh Allen Buffalo Bills Scramble #17
Josh Allen and the Bills will rise to the challenge this time around and give Buffalo the coveted title.
Getty Images

super bowl 2023


In the two weeks between the NFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl, Shanahan ponders the same questions Bill Belichick pondered before Super Bowl 36: Brady or Drew Bledsoe? Healed Purdy or Garoppolo. And like Belichick, he stays with hot hands.

But when Purdy suddenly develops yips, Garoppolo is called off the bench to bring the Niners back from the first half hole. McCaffrey and Devo Samuel start imposing their will that night, while Marv Levy and Jim Kelly are sweating in their owner’s box. But Allen gathered at the start of the drive late in the fourth quarter, looked up at the stands and said, “Look, it’s Will Smith and Chris Rock!” That eased the tension and Allen engineered a 98-yard drive, jumping the end his zone to his third as he culminated in a goal from three.

Won Damar’s Big One.

Bills 33, 49ers 27

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