Madagascar v Tunisia: Africa Cup of Countries quarter-final – are living!

Madagascar v Tunisia: Africa Cup of Nations quarter-final – live!

8.08pm BST20:08

8.07pm BST20:07

8.05pm BST20:05

8.03pm BST20:03

8.00pm BST20:00

8.00pm BST20:00


7.54pm BST19:54

Algeria 1-1 Ivory Coast (4-Three on pens) Algeria advance to the semi-final

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7.52pm BST19:52

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7.49pm BST19:49

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7.42pm BST19:42

7.37pm BST19:37

Complete-time: Algeria 1-1 Ivory Coast aet. Pens to practice ….

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6.54pm BST18:54

Algeria 1-1 Ivory Coast … extra to return

1.30pm BST13:30


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