Lionel Messi shouts ‘Magic’ as he poses with the 2022 FIFA World Cup Trophy

Lionel Messi shouts ‘Magic’ as he poses with the 2022 FIFA World Cup Trophy

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Last update: Jan 8, 2023 16:01 IST

FIFA World Cup Trophy and Lionel Messi (Instagram Image)

FIFA World Cup Trophy and Lionel Messi (Instagram Image)

Argentina captain Lionel Messi posts photo on Instagram holding FIFA World Cup trophy

Argentinian captain leads team world Cup glory on 18 December 2022 when the team beat France on penalties in the final in Qatar. Since winning the trophy, the team has received accolades from all over the world. However, shortly after winning the World Cup, Messi returned to French club his Paris his Saint-Germain and resumed his club duties. But Messi didn’t let go of the big win magic on Saturday (January 7), when he posted a photo of himself and his Argentine team-mates holding the World Cup trophy.

Messi captioned the photo, commenting, “How are they going to convince me that magic doesn’t exist?”

A few days ago, Messi also received the ‘Champions of Champions’ award from French publication L’Equipe for his performance in Argentina.

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The award has existed since 1946 and has been open to players outside France since 1975. The award winners are chosen by the magazine’s staff, who are very strict when it comes to choosing players. Note that both of the top two nominees for this year’s award were from football.

Apart from them, tennis player Rafael Nadal, two-time Grand Slam winning season, cyclist Remko Ebenepol and two-time F1 champion Max Verstappen are also in the top five. However, Messi won the award by a large margin of 808 points.

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Note that Messi is only the fourth footballer to win this award. Before him, his compatriot Diego his Maradona (1986), Paolo his Rossi (1982), Romario (1994) and Zinedine his Zidane (1998) have also won awards for their achievements. I was. The most interesting similarity between all four winners is that they led their respective nations to World Cup glory that year.

After winning the World Cup, Messi has been very expressive when it comes to sharing his feelings on social media. rice field.

Messi arrived at PSG’s training ground and was presented with the Medal of Honor on Wednesday (6 January). He was handed a trophy by his director of sports Luis Campos and was also applauded on his pitch in training.

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