“Iannone is offered a return. Ask Rossi if he can run fast at 35.”

“Iannone is offered a return. Ask Rossi if he can run fast at 35.”

Former Ducati, Suzuki and Aprilia rider Iannone’s MotoGP career was ruined with a four-year doping ban, which is set to expire at the end of the year.

According to Carlo Pernat, he is eligible for the 2024 season and retains two key attributes: the required speed and promotional ability.

“Iannone is a crazy talent. Four years is not enough to fill that talent,” Parnatt said. men on wheels.

“It always remains, and in my opinion, even if he doesn’t say it, he keeps in mind that he will come back.

“In this MotoGP where marketing has taken over, I, as a marketer, take risks with Iannone.

“Maybe some team will try. Will he win? Will he be fast? I don’t know, but it will still be a coup from the media’s point of view.

“I want to say that I will see him again at the world championships.

“Maybe it will be the Superbike World Championship, not MotoGP, but someone will offer him a seat next year when he is done with his years of disqualification. I’m sure of it. I’m here.

“Also, Andrea has always trained badly, so he never left motorsport and was born in 1989, so in 2024 he will be 35.”

“Ask Valentino Rossi if he can still run fast at 35. The doctor, perhaps we forgot, was trying to win the world championship at 36.”

Iannone last year sports gazette: “I’ll be back. I don’t know where, how, when, MotoGP or Superbike, but I assure you: I still can’t fill my life with anything else. [other] more than bikes and speed

“Dance with the Stars is like a distraction and I’m spoiled for choice with all that’s offered to me. People are interested in me if I get an offer from TV.” But I assure you that I’m focused on one thing: going back [riding]And I do it.

“I maintained my previous relationship with Aprilia [personal] With manager Carlo Perna [Pramac boss] Paolo Campinoti is like part of the family, but racing is done to win, not for true friendship. ”

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