Hillsborough overcrowding: Newcastle United fans describe ‘uncomfortable and unnecessary’ experience ahead of FA Cup draw

Hillsborough overcrowding: Newcastle United fans describe ‘uncomfortable and unnecessary’ experience ahead of FA Cup draw

Newcastle United fans have described their experience at Hillsborough as ‘unpleasant and unnecessary’.

sky sports news Speak with the supporter who raised the issue related to the lower part of the Leppings Lane End Stand, The FA plans to speak with Sheffield Wednesday and Newcastle and South Yorkshire police officers upon receipt of the report..

Some fans have suggested that the overcrowding occurred when supporters came through the tunnel to the central pen.

Images taken at the game posted on social media show spare seating in areas of the lower terraces on either side of the central area of ​​the stands.

Fans also expressed concern over what they said was the lack of stewards on duty.

‘It was uncomfortable and uncomfortable’

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talk sky sports newsMalcolm Bamford, a Newcastle supporter who took his family to the game at Hillsborough, described the experience as “uncomfortable” and suggested his son was upset by the situation.

Bamford said:

“There were two parts to the problem. First, the concourse inside the ground is only about 10 yards wide. It’s a place.

“I asked one of the stewards which way I needed to go as it was an unfamiliar place and he said go anywhere. We had to be on the other side.

Bamford added: It was about 40 minutes before kick-off, so there was plenty of time, but the middle part of the concourse was just rammed.

“1,000 people trying to get from A to B by entering through the wrong access. 1,000 people trying to get from B to A in a 4 yard wide space. Really uncomfortable and uncomfortable.”

“My daughter was fine, but my son was clearly a little upset.

“The Hillsborough disaster was on people’s minds”

Bamford went on to say there was concern about the Hillsborough disaster on people’s minds before the game.

He said: “I heard people pass by me at the bottleneck mentioning the disaster at Hillsborough. It was on people’s minds. When I heard those voices shouting at mention of the disaster, , it turns out that there is a problem there.

“It’s my first time in Hillsborough and walking through those tunnels is breathtaking.

“I’m trying to explain to the kids what happened there years ago. It’s a big historic football event that we all remember. When they were in that situation, they thought was

“It was uncomfortable and unnecessary.”

“It was like canned sardines.”

Jonathan Wild was also at the Hillsboro away end, sky sports news Newcastle supporters felt crammed with no one knowing where to go.

Weild said, “I arrived around 4:50pm (because of a 6pm kickoff) and it wasn’t too bad when I got there.

“There were only a few people coming in, and a few scattered around. Then, as time went on, more people were trying to get down this one main tunnel, and the stewards said the number of people was going down. I think I was a little overwhelmed, trying to go through one tunnel at a time.

“It created a big problem because everyone was up the stairs and nobody knew where to go. We only saw one main tunnel, so did anyone go left or right? I didn’t know where to go or where to go.I felt like there weren’t enough people to direct me.It felt like everyone was left to their own devices.

“It made us feel very uncomfortable. Everyone was just trying to pass by and we felt like sardines in a can. Everyone was standing shoulder to shoulder with nowhere to move.” .

“During the match, I didn’t move at half-time. People were blocking the stairs and tunnels, so I couldn’t move. I thought it might be a little safer, so I’m going to stay where I am.”

“It felt like the stand wasn’t big enough”

“Obviously Newcastle were well supported and almost full at the away end, but it felt very disorganized. When everyone came in at the same time, the staff felt like they didn’t know what to do. .

“It felt like the stands weren’t big enough, just like the entrance aisles weren’t big enough for the number of people going through the turnstiles.

‘How many away fans felt the same as we felt? It should never happen because it’s the team of… Grounding.

“Don’t make me uncomfortable. It’s a shock.”

In the 1989 FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, clashing at the same Leppings Lane end, 97 Liverpool supporters lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster.

sky sports news Sheffield Wednesday asked Newcastle United, South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council for comment.

No official statement has been made by Newcastle at this time, but they say they are working with the Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) to provide support and comfort for their fans.

Meanwhile, NUST is collecting reports from supporters attending Hillsboro and will make all reports available to investigate the situation around the fixture.

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