He’s been compared to Tiger Woods. So why did he walk away from golf?

He’s been compared to Tiger Woods. So why did he walk away from golf?

“I don’t know what he was thinking, but it’s not just going to party all night on Friday night when you’re leading the tour championship,” Larson said. “It would have been his third win of the year, but we lost him by one shot in that tournament. He was out late Friday night, so I didn’t know what to expect.” I was just thinking, ‘What am I doing?

Swing coach Schriber recounts another moment that felt meaningful in retrospect. It was the night after Kim’s final PGA Tour victory at the 2010 Houston Open. Schriber and the rest of his Kim team were heading to Georgia in his private jet, happily spinning bottles of tequila, but Kim seemed withdrawn.

“We were just overwhelmed with celebration because it’s hard to win, but he didn’t drink after winning,” Schreiber said. “He said, ‘Scrives, I feel nothing, I feel no joy.'”

A week later, Kim finished third at the Masters.

Schreiber is reluctant to speculate too much about his friend’s mindset, but in his view, Kim’s childhood and his ever-difficult relationship with his father gave Kim the feeling that most people have. It had a deeper and more lasting impact than we realize.

The story of Paul Kim trashing one of his son’s second-place trophies is part of Anthony’s lore. Later, when Kim was in college, he and his father had a fight that resulted in two years of silence. After Kim turned pro, his father told him that he was too harsh on his son, too cold, and that when other parents asked him how to raise their children to be top athletes, he urged him to stop doing it. I have publicly acknowledged my advice.

Even in Kim’s best moments, Schriber didn’t think golf was the respite the young man needed.

“I think it was a feeling of, ‘I don’t have as much pain as I thought,'” Schriber said.

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