My compliments then to the positive fellows of the tailoring dodge who’ve made a cast earn for themselves from the sale of somewhat breathtakingly spendy pants for the women, whilst making it more uncomplicated for the remainder of us to head concerning the the city unmolested by means of aforesaid pantaloons which were cunningly rendered undeserving for objective by means of the removing of wallet.

Gents! Gents please, some decorum. Merciless and bellowing laughter is comprehensible however fraught with risk in those unsure occasions.

Allow us to all quietly give thank you that having had woman pants rammed down throats, we have now been spared the overall measure of possible discomfort by means of the failure of mentioned pants to give you the comfy amenity we have now come to be expecting from our personal voluminous and extravagantly pocketed leg swaddling.


Why, status earlier than you this night, palms thrust deep into the bottomless reservoir of my secondary entrance wallet I will be able to really feel out the presence of my fob watch, a sipping flask, two loaded flintlocks (one for the highwayman, and quantity two for any buggy driving force incompetent sufficient to ship me into his clutches), a snuff field, a moustache comb, a small confit duck and, naturally, a complete set of billiards and enough cigars to experience whilst taking part in with them.

The contents of my number one entrance wallet, naturally, are too a large number of to record right here, instead of to say my devoted looking canine Morrison, that’s a just right boy, with out whom I may by no means have recovered that mallard to confit, and a small however strangely capacious humidor through which to stay further cigars in case corporate will have to name round.

Heaven forfend that we will have to ever in finding ourselves thronged and overrun by means of some emboldened harpy with pocket room to spare. I dread to consider what she may cram in there. All approach of unsettling alternate, objectionable calls for and irksome expectancies that she may have what she needs, I believe.

To this finish, gents, I suggest an answer.

Will have to some suffragette cabal ever call for the obligatory empocketing of woman pants and trews, I transfer that we give technique to their crucial, however that we quietly be triumphant upon our brothers within the trouser industry to make sure that no pocket thus required is ever ready for use. We will give them their damned wallet gents, and we will stitch them up as tightly as our gendered privilege.


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