College Basketball Rankings: Alabama Remains High in Top 25 and 1 Despite Explosion in Oklahoma


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The four teams in the top five of Saturday morning’s CBS Sports Top 25, plus one on Saturday. Three were eliminated in the final year of the SEC/Big 12 Challenge. The home side won the event 8-2, highlighting how difficult it is to win away in either league.

One of the top 5 teams to lose was Alabama.

Crimson Tide beaten down Oklahoma, 93-69, so you might be wondering why Alabama remains in second place in the Top 25 and 1 Daily College Basketball Rankings updated Sunday morning. fair question. The answer is that you won’t believe anything but No.1. Purdue They are doing a better job than Alabama even after losing 24 points to the Sooners. The Crimson Tide remains 18-3 overall, including an 8-0 in the SEC, with a 6-3 record in quadrant 1 and zero losses outside the first quadrant. Literally every school in the country other than Purdue either has fewer quadrant 1 wins than Alabama, or has more 1st quadrant losses and more non-quadrant losses than Alabama. It is

Most have all three.

In short, I’d like to keep Alabama at 2nd and 1st in the top 25. In my opinion, at least until he’s improved his résumé on two teams. Again, no one but Purdue has ticked that box right now. Speaking of Purdue, Boilermakers could possibly lose Michigan This means that even if the Boilermakers lost to Michigan State the same way I kept Alabama at number one, Purdue would likely remain number one in the top 25-and-1 on Monday morning. is a way of saying He was second in the top 25 on Sunday morning, and he was still first after the Crimson Tide loss to Oklahoma.

Michigan State University in Purdue falls at 12:15 PM ET. you can watch it on CBS.

Top 25 And 1 Ranking

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