Imagine it or now not however Cannondale began out as a producer of precast concrete moulds in 1971. The emblem’s first product with wheels, on the other hand, used to be the Bugger motorcycle trailer ahead of the corporate evolved its first aluminium traveling body in 1983. 

In 2000, Cannondale invented the BB30 backside bracket usual which used to be broadly followed all through the motorcycle business, making an allowance for lighter, stiffer cranks. However someplace down the road, the corporate skilled a little of a coarse patch mentioning chapter in 2003. They had been later bought by way of Dorel Industries, who’ve owned the emblem for the previous 11 years. 

As of late, you’ll in finding the EF Schooling First Professional Biking squad and the Cylance Professional Biking Girls’s group pedalling Cannondale motorcycles at the Global Excursion. 

Cannondale Tech defined

1. Save Micro Suspension

SAVE (Synapse Energetic Vibration Removing) micro suspension is Cannondale’s approach of claiming it has tuned particular spaces of the fork and seatpost to deflect and soak up surprise the usage of a unique carbon lay-up methodology and tube shapes.

2. Ballistec carbon

Ballistec is Cannondale’s proprietary means of carbon building which it says lets in it to fabricate light-weight and powerful frames. It begins with a base construction created from the similar ultra-strong fibres used for army ballistic armouring and high-strength, high-impact resin – very similar to what’s utilized in carbon baseball bats.

Ballistec Hello-Mod makes use of a meld of ‘high- and ultra-high modulus fibres’ to create a stiffer construction with much less subject matter, whilst common Ballistec accommodates a couple of layers of medium modulus fibres which gives an identical stiffness and deflection, however provides weight.


CAAD stands for Cannondale Complicated Aluminum Design and, as you’ll be able to almost certainly wager, is what’s used for its CAAD frames. As an alternative of beginning with a tube form and chopping it to the experience dimensions, Cannondale’s engineers establish what each and every tube will have to do after which use CAD (Laptop-Aided Design) device to benchmark other tube shapes and configurations till they in finding the appropriate profile.

4. SmartForm

SmartForm is Cannondale’s hydroforming procedure that customises wall thickness and tube form. It additionally contains the emblem’s double-weld tactics and post-weld warmth remedy. 

BB30 and BB30A

Cannondale pioneered the BB30 backside bracket usual, the usage of an outsized shell, 30mm aluminium spindle and wave-taper crank interface as an alternative of a metal BB spindle which created a lighter and more potent construction. Liberating it as a loose design usual, it stuck on all through the motorcycle business and is now to be had in a spread of spindle widths and configurations.

One instance is BB30A which is an uneven model of the usual idea, used at the Synapse, which provides 5mm to the non-drive facet of the BB shell for a spider and stiffer base. To house the broader BB shell, BB30A sees an extended spindle, and the non-drive-side crank arm is tailored to take care of the similar Q-factor and supply sufficient ankle clearance.

Cannondale avenue motorcycles you’ll be able to purchase lately

(Symbol credit score: Cannondale)

Cannondale SystemSix

Brakes: Disc | Body: Carbon | Kind: Aero avenue | Sizes: 47-62cm


Sharp dealing with


Energy meter calls for a rate to release

Cannondale used to be a little overdue to the celebration when it got here to the aero avenue motorcycle idea, but if the American outfit did in the end launch one, it swung for the fences – there is not any mistaking the SystemSix for anything else however an aero roadie. In keeping with Cannondale’s inhouse analysis, at any velocity over 15kph, aerodynamic drag comes into play and the foil-shaped tubing and built-in bar and stem make it quicker than the SuperSix Evo on anything else lower than a six in line with cent gradient.

The body is disc handiest and has room for 28mm rubber, despite the fact that the Cannondale says its optimised for 23mm rubber – albeit at the logo’s super-wide carbon wheels – in spite of the well-proven advantage of fatter tyres and the vast majority of riders shifting to plumper casings. 

On the entrance, the SystemSix makes use of what seems to be an built-in aero bar and stem, however it is in truth a two-piece gadget which solves probably the most adjustability problems with such cockpits.

The highest-end Hello-Mod fashions additionally come supplied with a Power2Max energy meter; on the other hand, you need to pay additional to turn on the unit. 

Cannondale additionally gives a Girls’s particular construct, which is composed of the similar body with other touchpoints.

(Symbol credit score: Cannondale)

Cannondale SuperSix Evo

Brakes: Rim and Disc | Body: Carbon | Kind: Race | Sizes: 47-62cm

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