As the Green Bay Packers ponder their QB situation, could both Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love return?

As the Green Bay Packers ponder their QB situation, could both Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love return?

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin — General Manager Brian Gutekunst met with media on Friday to Green Bay PackersThe 8-9 season ended without making the playoffs.

Gutkunst has detailed the future of quarterback Aaron Rodgers Clubs, the future of quarterback Jordan Love, defensive products and more.

“Obviously a tough season and tough ending,” Gutekunst said.

Here are some highlights from the press conference.

On whether he wants Aaron Rodgers back next season:

“Like I said goodbye week, I want all of these guys back. That’s part of it. Together, we will move forward that way.”

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On whether the decision will be up to Rogers or whether the front office will have to decide if they want him back:

“We made a really big promise to him in the offseason last year. It wasn’t just for this year, as we did. will take.”

As the Green Bay Packers ponder their QB situation, could both Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love return?

Green Bay Packers quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love take to the field for a warm-up before a game against the Washington Commanders at FedExField in Landover, Md., Oct. 23, 2022.

As to who is more likely to win, Rodgers or backup Jordan Love:

“Well, you’re talking about a four-time MVP. So we’re super excited where Jordan is. But Jordan’s never played a 16-game, 17-game season. It’s no different than when Brett[Favre]moved to Aaron, it’s hard to say, but at the same time, when Aaron is at that level, there aren’t many teams that don’t give him the best chance of winning.”

On whether he can imagine a scenario with both Rodgers and Love on the team next season:

“For sure. We really like Jordan’s development. I think he’s ready to play. I think that’s the next step in his development. They work well together in the room. If something had happened to Aaron this year and Jordan would have had to play a good amount of time and we felt really good about it…but I can foresee (the two on the team)

On whether Rodgers needs to spend more of the offseason in Green Bay:

“Well, we want all of our players to be here during the offseason … it’s optional and you know it’s voluntary. and we want all players to invest…but we know there are rules for a reason…in the CBA…even though we know a lot of veteran players don’t need that much , young players sometimes need veterans here as well.”

Whether David Bakhtiari is his left tackle next season:

“I hope so. I hope he’s cleared some of the injury hurdles he’s had over the last few years…he’s gotten into a really good rhythm learning the practice to get to the game. I think…and I hope that rhythm helps him as this season goes on.”

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Whether Mason Crosby is his kicker next season:

“Again, these are all decisions that we will be working through this offseason. David is under contract, Mason is not. We are working on all of them. Mason. has had an amazing year this year, and in many ways it’s really been a clutch.”

On Aaron Jones and his future with the team:

“Certainly, we expect him to come back. He’s a dynamic player…he rarely misses a practice and misses a rep for a man his size to bring it to every day. “In this league, you can’t just get one guy. Obviously you have AJ (Dillon).” And it’s great to have a one-two punch, and when you first get him, you think, ‘This isn’t going to last long. As for his build and size, he continues to defy the odds. ”

On whether Aaron Jones will drop his current contract or restructure:

“The way we do things these days, we’re going to regroup everyone to make room.”

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